IT Assets Recovery

We work with education institutions, enterprise businesses, and government entities to make your life stress-free by carrying the burden of dealing with IT equipment, mobile phone devices, and tablets that you need to dispose. We ensure that you will get that maximize value and space to exceed compliance expectations, and deliver clear line of sight to Asset Disposition and Remarketing.

Our facilities are well equipped to deal with your IT asset management needs. Furthermore, we provide the advantage of enjoying the services of the most experienced professionals for dealing with this issue either in your space or in our own facilities upon packing and transporting them.

We are dedicated to ensuring that your decommissioned IT assets are not only securely and efficiently disposed of in which a full report of serial numbers, product name, grading, and much more; an end goal of long term sustainability are also managed in a manner to ensure confidence and trust.

We give it a priority to secure your sensitive data. That’s why, we provide you with means to ensure that your disposable IT assets do not get transferred with these data. We use the most recent and certified technologically advanced data erasures to erase these vital data from your data.

The steps we follow are mentioned below for your better understanding


We evaluate your product(s) and provide you a quote in advanced. Once the quote has been approved, your IT assets will be picked up from location with a hassle-free process; white glove service meaning we will do everything from packing> pick-up>and delivery. Upon receiving at our facility, the destruction of all data will be erased. Then we evaluate the equipment to decide on which ones to refurbish and which ones to recycle. After revaluation and reporting, we will provide you the certification of payment.

What sets us apart from the competition will be 1. Maximizing the value of your ASSETS compared to our competitors, 2. Full reporting. 3. The services we have to offer. Alsan Marketing will always be committed to providing the best solutions for your needs.